Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tworkount N Twelve: The "Gruchy" Workout!

This one is a little self-indulgent but it’s for a buddy of mine from High School who has lost 30 lbs on his own and looking to kick through a plateau and finish his mission. Plus its MY website and I can do what I want!
Here ya go Andy!

Start with these 3 moves consecutively for 5min.
Mountain climbers :30
Straight arm plank :30
Full crunch :30

At :30 intervals you will end up doing 4 sets of MC's but only 3 sets of planks and crunches.

Pace yourself and just try to keep moving for entire 5min.
As you build endurance you can pick up pace and go for as many reps as possible in that time.

MC's - in an "up" half of pushup position raise hips a little higher than normal and switch foot position, like a sprinter back and forth

THEN at :30 mark STAY in UP part of pushup position with abs engaged and feet shoulder width apart for :30 THEN roll over and knock out full crunches keeping small of back on floor.

Continue for 5min...NOW your heartrate is elevated and CORE warmed up.

NOW here are 4 moves I want you to do 3 times consecutively BUT at :40 work to :20 rest.
That adds up to 12min of High Intensity work.
AGAIN...pace yourself a just try and stay moving during "work" phase.

1) Free Standing Squats (later we will add bands to this move but for now no need) feet shoulder width and drop butt so thighs parallel to floor(or whatever comfortable range motion...then back up. Keep weight in heels

2) Band Back Row
Secure to doorknob or...? And with arms straight and pull hands to you in rowing manner.

3) Alternating Surfer Pop Ups
Just like it sounds. Lie on stomach and pop up alternating regular to goofy foot

4) Band Chest Press
Just OPPOSITE of Back Row facing away from band anchor point.

There ya go!

I would suggest ordering a GymBoss timer for $20. See link on right. They are awesome and keep clients moving without all the chatter keeping proper workout intensity and enabling to chart progress accurately.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

TworkoutNTwelve - Revamped and Improved TNT Buffet Coming This Week!

My goal is that there be something for EVERYBODY no matter what level of fitness AND whether you have equipment or not. 

Although not necessary, a couple sets of light dumbbells and a resistance band would enhance your experience. I'm also all about TRX and anything coming out of my friend Randy Hetricks' Fitness Anywhere Studio in San Francisco.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tworkout N Twelve - Great Article About Overrated Cardio Machines

Tworkout N Twelve! Best article I've read in awhile on how overrated cardio machine workouts are for results. I preach this ALL the time. Expensive equipment and fancy gyms NOT necessary for killer AND more FUN workouts! Read the article here - Thanks Mike Geary!

Stop Wasting Your Time with Worthless Treadmill and Elliptical Machine Workouts!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tworkout N Twelve - Familiar Moves Fitness

Hey Tworkers! Sorry about the gap since last tworkout, but a lot going on in my little fitness world.  Today I am putting slight variations on very familiar moves that we have already done.  Hopefully you have some dumbbells or a resistance band by now.  If you don't, grab some water bottles then afterwards go to and spend $8 on a versa tube.

Let's get right to it!

Time: 12 minutes :30 seconds workout/:30 seconds rest or :45 seconds workout/:15 seconds rest. 
Do 3 cycles of all 4 moves in order given.

Grade: M

1) Windmill JUMP Squat
2) Pulsing Push-up
3) Clock squat
4) T-M-I

Move Descriptions:
Windmill Jump Squat
Stand with feet wide and arms straight out to side.
Squat and bend bringing right hand to left foot then SPRING/JUMP up so both feet come off of floor.
Land softly and repeat on other side. You are now a human windmill. Make a breeze!

Pulsing Push-up
From standard Push-up position OR knees on floor push-up position lower body towards floor.  At bottom of move PULSE upward about TWO inches then back to floor before pushing ALL the way to top.  Slowly drop back down and repeat for alloted time.

Clock Squat
Stand with feet wide and hands behind head, elbows pointing out to side.  Imagine right foot is in CENTER of a clock and left foot is ON 3 o'clock.  Squat down w head up and push off of left foot explosively pivoting to the right with left foot landing on 9 o'clock (you should be facing opposite direction).  Now reverse and push off RIGHT foot to left side.  Continue alternating. BUST OUT SOME REPS PEOPLE!

Grap your band and secure around doorhandle.
Stand with feet close together hands holding band handles in front of you with a LITTLE slack in band.  Bring arms quickly out to sides into a "T" formation (see where this is going???).  Bring back to start then bring hands back below waste in "M" position.  Return to start and finally, bring hands up over head into an "I" position. Now start over! And over!! And over again!!!  If you have light dumbells start with then in front of upper thigh with hands facing each other and SLIGHTLY bent forward at waist.  NOW rock the T-M-I as many times as possible. other stuff to get to. Get to work and have fun doing it. It only TWELVE minutes!!! Work it!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Tworkout N Twelve: Surf and Ski Friday Workout

Alright I'm going to make this as simple as possible by giving you TWO very straight forward moves.
In turn I need maximum output on your part.
Reps, reps, reps!
Enough said...time to sweat!

Today’s Grade: M

Equipment needed: Nothing but your own bodyweight

Interval times: Start with :45 seconds workout/:15 seconds rest for  the first round and :30 seconds workout/:30 seconds rest for ensuing rounds.

Rounds: Since there are only 2 moves you will be going for SIX Rounds! Pace yourself but DON'T QUIT!


1) Skier Slalom Hop

2) Alternating Living Room Surfer

Skier Slalom Hop:
Very simply with feet close together drop down into a partial squat and jump up and to the left (or right, it really makes no difference at this point) landing softly and right back into a squat then jump back to other side.
Start by jumping 4-6 inches and as you find your groove increase distance. No lift ticket necessary. You're welcome!

Alternating Living Room Surfer:
Lie on mat or floor. You are now on a surfboard in the water! With hands out to your sides I would LOVE it if you could just POP up with ONE foot in front of the other into a standing/surfing position then carefully reverse back down on your board....and alternate Pop up, with the OTHER foot forward. If that is too tough then go to your knees first...THEN to your feet. You will be strong enough to POP UP, in time. Be patient!

That's it!
Burn up some calories and then get out and enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tworkout N Twelve: Midweek Pro Challenge - Grade H

So like I said, this site will be evolving over the next few weeks as I get a better feel of how to serve everybody that comes to the site effectively.

And its time for one of those changes.

It is important to me that there is something to challenge everybody's personal fitness levels so I will begin adding diffferent "GRADES" of workouts for you to pick and choose from.

ALL workouts should be INTENSE, no matter where you are physically, but the DIFFICULTY of the moves is what will be graded.

Workouts will be accompanied by an "L" - Low degree of difficulty, "M" - Moderate degree of difficulty or finally, "H" - High degree of difficulty.  No matter which workout you choose, you can always increase difficulty by adding work time and decreasing recovery time.

Conversely, you can make a tough move workout easier by decreasing work time and increasing recovery time.  Keep challenging yourself people and stay consistent. You'll be shocked by how quickly your body will adapt and progress.
Time to get moving.

Todays GRADE: H

Equipment needed: 5-8 lb DB's and Resistance Band

Time :40 seconds workout/:20 seconds recovery

The Moves:
1) Burpees w Plyometric Jump

2) Weighted Lateral Lunge w Touch

3) Band Deadlift to High Row

4) Weighted Jackknife Abs

Burpies w Plyo Jump:
Stand tall w feet slightly apart. Drop down and place hands on floor in front of you and "pop" your legs back so you are in a push up position. Do a pushup and then pop feet forward CLOSE to hands. From there JUMP back up with hands overhead, land softly to start position.  These are kinda rough so pace yourself.

Weighted Lateral Lunge w Touch:
Stand tall with feet together and dumbbells at your sides.
Step out with right leg and bring weights down touching floor on both sides of foot and keeping left leg straight, ALWAYS keep head looking up. POP back to start position and repeat on left side.

Band Deadlift to High Row:
Secure resistance band to doorknob furniture leg.  Hinge forward with arms extended and move back till band has NO slack.  In ONE motion quickly push hips forward so you are standing and PULL hands(band handles) toward earlobes keeping elbows high. Butt should be tight and shoulder blades flexed. Back to start and do it again...and again...

Weighted Jackknife Abs:
Lie on floor with arms extended above head. With ONE light dumbbell between your hands, lift legs and arms simultaneously so they meet in a "jackknife" position making sure you shoulder blades come UP OFF OF the floor. Squeeze those abs with EVERY rep and look for that burn.

Ok...FOUR moves THREE rounds. This is a tough one so good luck and get going!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tworkout N Twelve: Welcome to TNT!

As a fitness profesional for over 23 years now Ive had the privilege of not only working with some of Hollywoods' biggest names, but World Class Athletes here in the States and abroad as well. I decided to launch this web site for one simple reason...TO GET PEOPLE MOVING in a manner and time frame that EVERYBODY can commit to AND GET RESULTS!

CONVENIENCE and CONSISTANCY are KEY to maintaining a successful workout regimen, so I will be posting workouts that will not only challenge you no matter what level of fitness you are at currently, but with as little equipment as possible required in order to keep IT convenient and YOU consistant!

Im not going to lie to you, but if you DO purchase a few basic pieces I will suggest - it WILL expedite results a bit quicker and allow for more "move" variation.

This site will be evolving quite a bit over the next couple months (pics and video to take you through moves) so stick with me and I'll always be here for you.  It will be great to grow together and I look forward to hearing from you with any ideas that you'd like to see here.

Again...THANK YOU for comin' by.
Enough talk...lets get to work!
Jim Barcena