Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tworkount N Twelve: The "Gruchy" Workout!

This one is a little self-indulgent but it’s for a buddy of mine from High School who has lost 30 lbs on his own and looking to kick through a plateau and finish his mission. Plus its MY website and I can do what I want!
Here ya go Andy!

Start with these 3 moves consecutively for 5min.
Mountain climbers :30
Straight arm plank :30
Full crunch :30

At :30 intervals you will end up doing 4 sets of MC's but only 3 sets of planks and crunches.

Pace yourself and just try to keep moving for entire 5min.
As you build endurance you can pick up pace and go for as many reps as possible in that time.

MC's - in an "up" half of pushup position raise hips a little higher than normal and switch foot position, like a sprinter back and forth

THEN at :30 mark STAY in UP part of pushup position with abs engaged and feet shoulder width apart for :30 THEN roll over and knock out full crunches keeping small of back on floor.

Continue for 5min...NOW your heartrate is elevated and CORE warmed up.

NOW here are 4 moves I want you to do 3 times consecutively BUT at :40 work to :20 rest.
That adds up to 12min of High Intensity work.
AGAIN...pace yourself a just try and stay moving during "work" phase.

1) Free Standing Squats (later we will add bands to this move but for now no need) feet shoulder width and drop butt so thighs parallel to floor(or whatever comfortable range motion...then back up. Keep weight in heels

2) Band Back Row
Secure to doorknob or...? And with arms straight and pull hands to you in rowing manner.

3) Alternating Surfer Pop Ups
Just like it sounds. Lie on stomach and pop up alternating regular to goofy foot

4) Band Chest Press
Just OPPOSITE of Back Row facing away from band anchor point.

There ya go!

I would suggest ordering a GymBoss timer for $20. See link on right. They are awesome and keep clients moving without all the chatter keeping proper workout intensity and enabling to chart progress accurately.

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